Exari: Single Repository for Contract Management

Exari: Single Repository for Contract Management

Bill Hewitt, CEO, ExariBill Hewitt, CEO
Government agencies bear the responsibility of running bazillions of operations in national interest along with maintaining numerous national assets and managing public works. These agency’s central contracts teams administers procurement of various services, including major works, minor works and a variety of maintenance and consulting services for which they bid tenders from different contractors and vendors. As a result they need to deal with mountainous amounts tenders, quotations and the related documents for which they rely on multiple solution providers to cater to each phases of their contract processes. However, on-boarding different vendors reduces operational efficiency and results in time delays which in turn brings down the revenue and ROI. To help government enterprises overcome these challenges, Exari offers cloud-based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions that can be globally accessed and operated from a single repository.

Designed by a team of lawyers, engineers and business professionals, and underpinned by a robust Universal Contract Model, the firm’s enterprise-class contract management platform assists organizations in handling end-to-end contract workflows. Right from drafting through expiration and every other process in between, Exari’s CLM helps meet all the contract-related challenges. By offering an executive-level view of all contracts—including vendor, customer, partner, employee, finance and governance, the firm aids enterprises gain control over their entire contracts which also improves revenue, reduces risks and obligations, and meet compliance requirements—ensuring 100 percent contract certainty. The company also possesses deep expertise in complex and highly regulated industries which they constantly develop to help clients comply with standards, controls, and audits.

With Exari Contracts Hub, customers now have a contract lifecycle management solution they can quickly and easily deploy and that can grow with them

Exari’s key solution—Exari DocGen provides government entities with document generation and automation tools that enable enterprise-wide consistency and a higher degree of professional productivity for the creation, negotiation, and execution of any contract types. The highly customizable software supports buy-side contracts, procurement agreements, financial services agreements and can also be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Further, DocGen’s enhanced responsive design enables users to originate contracts from any mobile device, greatly increasing ease of use.

To assist organizations capture and store critical contract data across the enterprise in a single secure repository, the firm offers Exari Contracts Hub—a highly secure environment that facilitate a central storage of all existing and future contracts, robust search and sort functions, access control, and risk scoring. It also provides instant access to reporting and analytics while offering deeper insight into contract assets. “With Exari Contracts Hub, customers now have a contract lifecycle management solution they can quickly and easily deploy and that can grow with them,” states Bill Hewitt, CEO, Exari. The solution can be implemented in less than 60 minutes which immediately begins data capture and automatically starts sending emails and task alerts on important milestones such as expiry and renewal dates.

Over the years Exari has been a central contract management partner and an enabler of seamless contract workflows. Thousands of users across 80 countries use Exari for contract creation, negotiation, contract analytics as well as for strategic sourcing. Five of the top fifteen global banks, four of the world’s top insurance brokers, and numerous market-leading energy companies rely on the company for their contract operations—a sheer indicator of unmatched reliability rolled out by Exari.