OnBase by Hyland: Centralized Contract Management

OnBase by Hyland: Centralized Contract Management

Bill Priemer, President & CEO, OnBase by HylandBill Priemer, President & CEO
Contracts underpin the foundation of all business relationships. Gartner estimates that about 60-80 percent of business transactions are governed by contracts or agreements, in one form or the other. However, Gartner also reports that enterprises shuffle 90 percent of their documents pushing employees to spend over 50 percent of their time looking for contract files and information. Such outdated workflows can take a huge toll on government agencies’ contract operations. As these agencies deal with numerous contractors every fiscal year, they need to manage, track, review and approve volumes of contracts and related files. To that end, OnBase—a key software solution created by Hyland Software, offers best-in-class Contract Management Solutions (CMS) for government enterprises to drastically simplify contract management workflows. The solution efficiently capture, store, and route contract forms in addition to notifying staff with their to-do tasks—a crucial part in quickly completing contract reviews and renewals on time.

Based in Westlake, OH, OnBase equips government agencies with capabilities to manage contract lifecycle processes right from request to approval all the way through to expiration and renewal. The solution further automates predictable steps while providing relevant information and tools that every employee need to drive work forward. OnBase stores documents digitally, by which agencies can easily retrieve contracts, and automate and enforce review processes, ensuring no missed out renewals. The software also allows enterprises to create self-service access for their staff and constituents— empowering professionals to handle more work without interruption and intermediate dependencies.

To simplify and reduce operational overheads, OnBase facilitates a centralized platform to control all documents, data and tasks in the contract lifecycle.

OnBase stores documents digitally, by which agencies can easily retrieve contracts, and automate and enforce review processes, ensuring no missed out renewals

Additionally, it provide government agencies’ legal departments with a 360 degree view into contract management operations, right from the history of interactions to current work, upcoming obligations and expirations. The centralized approach also supports agencies to meet new legal responsibilities—to provide access to contracts. It also reduces the transparency efforts by enabling government entities to publish contracts into their enterprise websites. Altogether, the solution effectively helps enterprises to be compliant. To further minimize process delays, all their solutions are supported by mobile and remote access devices.

Using OnBase, multitude of enterprises has achieved positive results in their business outcomes and profitability. SRA International is such an institution. As an IT solutions and professional services contractor for U.S. government agencies, the client handled mountainous amounts of documents and files. But, with a manual system in place employing paper based data entry, the customer faced redundancy issues and operational inefficiencies. SRA engaged OnBase as a solution to implement automated data entry and document management system which saved immense time and resources. “Instead of manually typing vouchers one by one in a slow, inefficient manner, we’re now able to reallocate resources to more critical functions where we need them,” says McNabb Senior Project Manager for finance systems, SRA. “Doing so not only ensures staff to focus on high-value tasks, but also allows SRA to do more with the same amount of resources,” he adds.

Over the course of its history, the Hyland Software has served thousands of organizations in their digital workplace transformation and is in the good books of many modern enterprises as an enabler of new-age technology. As for the future, the firm has expansion plans, adding more to their global headquarters—both in terms of employee strength and office capacity.